Back To School Facts

  1. The largest high school in America (Morton High School in Berwyn-Cicero, IL) has over 8,000students.
  2. There are over 7.4 million teachers and 2.9 million work at elementary and middle schools.
  3. School bus drivers are usually paid an hourly wage and the national average wage is $16.56.
  4. Each year, over 78.8 million kids, teens and adults enroll in school.
  5. 6% of kids age 6-11 repeat at least one grade in school. 11% of kids aged 12-17 repeat at least one grade of school.
  6. 67% of kids like school.
  7. In California, roughly 45% of children enrolled in kindergarten through 12th speak a language other than English at home.


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