Holiday Travel Tips

As we surge into the year-end holiday blitz, countless Americans will be traveling, whether they want to be or not. For hardcore travelers, holiday travel is amateur season — much like New Year’s Eve is considered amateur night by committed year-round revelers — but the clarion calls of family gatherings, vacation days and warmer climates make it almost impossible to stay put. The Long Weekend Factor

The most dangerous holidays for driving tend to be of the “long weekend” variety — that is, holidays that reliably last three or four days, and always fall on a weekend. July 4, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and other fixed-date holidays can sometimes land in the middle of the week, and as such don’t always attract the critical mass of large numbers and iffy behaviors that weekend holidays can. This year the “ugly honors” have fallen on Thanksgiving. In general, we have found that the holidays themselves — Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, July 4, etc. — tend to hold far fewer accidents than the days just before and after the holidays. This is due to simple math; people tend to stay put on the actual holidays, so there are more folks coming and going on the days before and after. In fact, the study found that Thanksgiving Day proper had the 13th lowest number of accidents all year.  Please remember all your safe driving habits.


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