Strive to Combine Health and Convenience

Many fresh veggies, like broccoli and cauliflower, come in convenient re-sealable bags. They are easy to eat, don’t need cooking, and are highly nutritious. There are also bags of pre-cut and pre-washed fruit in the markets today, so you won’t even need to worry about it being clean.

Get Creative About Exercise

Keeping comfortable clothing and running or walking shoes with you on your journey is a great idea that will allow the opportunity for some simple exercise here and there. You can walk or take a quick jog at many of your stops. Storing some free weights in your truck is also extremely helpful, as weight lifting can help maintain muscle and keep your metabolism revved up.

Take Time for the Mind

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Reading at truck stops or listening to audio books and music on the road are great ways to break up the monotony of driving the highway. These activities keep the mind alert while providing entertainment and stimulation for the brain on those long hauls.


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